Anaphrodisiac Guide: How To Reduce Libido for 2018

Anaphrodisiac Guide: How To Reduce Libido for 2018
Anaphrodisiac Guide: How To Reduce Libido for 2018 2018-10-29T10:08:35+00:00

Let’s start off by defining what the term, “anaphrodisiac” (or “anti-aphrodisiacs”) really means:

An anaphrodisiac is a substance designed to reduce or quell your sexual desire. As opposed to an aphrodisiac, anaphrodisiac are used to reduce your libido. how to reduce libido

The Ultimate Guide To Reducing Your Sex Drive/Libido In 2017:

If you’re like me and looking for a way to reduce sex drive in order to recover from pornography or stop watching porn, then reducing your libido is probably a good idea. I am currently on my journey to becoming 100% porn-free, and anaphrodisiacs offer hope. Granted, anaphrodisiacs won’t solve your porn addiction. Self-determination will. But from my current experience, anaphrodisiacs have been greatly effective at reducing sexual fantasies.

As a former porn addict, one of the negative effects of pornography is frequent thoughts about sex/sexual fantasies, etc.

If you want more guidance on porn-recovery, check out: (this applies to males and females)

BTW, the benefits that come from leaving pornography are AMAAAZING!!!

Other reasons why one may use anaphrodisiacs is to focus on their work/study.

I’ve researched many ways on how to reduce sex drive men (and women), but haven’t found any clear/concise guidance (hence why I created this website after doing some research). There are many forums that discuss methods, but with no factual proof…

Anaphrodisiacs can be for:

  • Any male/female looking to reduce sex drive (for whatever reason); Although I’m a male, most of these supplements work with females as well.
  • Anyone seeking to quit pornography and looking for something that can safely inhibit sex drive

Anaphrodisiacs ARE NOT for:

  • Women looking to reduce their sex drive BECAUSE their spouse has a low sex drive.
    • If your husband has a low sex drive, it's most likely due to porn addiction. I'm not even kidding. Check out these sources:
    • Why would I say this?
      • I've read enough accounts of men losing interest in their wife because of porn. The damage is real.
      • I'm not saying that this is the case for all relationships, but at least check out the sources I provided above. You might find someone who had the same problem as you.

How to lower your libido:

After conducting lots of research and digging through the web, I found pretty much two methods on how to reduce your libido:

  1. Use of prescription drugs designed to specifically reduce libido (usually prescribed to sex predators, but can be requested through a psychiatrist) – I’m not a big fan of this, particularly because of the side effects. I won’t mention prescription drug names, as I'm not a doctor, however, simple Google search will yield enough information.
  2. The use of anaphrodisiacs – this is probably the safest way to go. Most anaphrodisiacs are off-the-shelf supplements and pretty cheap. I’ll talk about specific anaphrodisiacs later in the article.

Anaphrodisiacs Explained:

As I’ve explained, anaphrodisiacs reduce your sex drive. However, there are many “anaphrodisiacs” out there that you probably have already experienced. Take alcohol (ethanol) for example or tobacco. These two substances are well known to reduce sex drive.

But since I don’t drink/smoke (you shouldn’t either), those were not good options for me…

Types of Anaphrodisiacs:

  • Alcohol and Tobacco: known to reduce sex drive if consumed/used in large quantities (not an option for me)
  • Opioids; prescription drugs like hydrocodone, oxycodone, heroin, etc, are all anaphrodisiacs. I remember when I had my wisdom teeth pulled and was put on hydrocodone, my sex drive was immediately lowered.
  • Antidepressants (SSRI’s); I’ve read several reports that Prozac and other types of drugs of the like also reduce libido.
  • Herbal Supplements: Natural herbs that are known to reduce sex drive. The safest option in my opinion. Herbal supplements like Chaste Berry Extract, Hops, Licorice, as well as a few others which will be described in detail later, do a good job at reducing sex drive.


 How to reduce sex drive or lower testosterone using herbs:

So here is a list of herbs that I use to reduce my testosterone:

Lithium Orotate:

One of the most effective supplements that I have used with fast results. I take 2-3 tablets a day and this does the trick.

Lithium Orotate helps reduce sex drive

Lithium Orotate can be purchased through websites like Amazon (link below)

About Lithium Orotate: The truth is, there has not been a lot of research, but I did find one article that confirmed that it does lower sex drive in male rats (Check out the research study here:

As a side note: Lithium Orotate also can help treat chronic alcoholism:


Lithium orotate is not toxic because it does not contain the carbonate group that is found in lithium carbonate (which is a prescription drug, by the way).

I’ve seen several blogs claiming that it can be toxic or that you need to take a blood sample – not true for lithium orotate.

Remember, Lithium Orotate can be purchased online legally through websites such as


(click below to buy)

NCI Advanced Research Dr. Hans Nieper Lithium Orotate Tablets, 120 mg, 200 Count

ChasteBerry Extract:

Also known as Vitex agnus-castus (scientific name), this herb comes from the Mediterranean region.

This herb is much more known to treat or help reduce sex drive, particularly because it was used by Buddhist monks. I have been using this and it has helped in the long term.

When I personally used this, I didn’t notice any immediate effects, but I did notice a slight reduction in sexual desires after a few weeks.


No chaste berry extract is not a dangerous supplement, it has been used for hundreds of years with no reported side effects.


Buy from here:


Used in beer, hops are amazing at reducing male testosterone (not sure if that’s the same case for females). The effects of this drug were immediate when I took it.

The supplement that I bought also contained valerian and chamomile.

The original purpose of hops w/ valerian + chamomile is to improve sleep (and it does!)

Where to buy hops extract:

I bought from here:


Yup! Those red vines containing licorice can reduce your sex drive. Although you would have to eat a lot of those to feel any effect at all.

If you want to reduce your sex drive using licorice, buy licorice extract, which contains a high concentration making it more effective.

Where to buy licorice extract:

Go here to buy on Amazon

Soybeans or “soy”:

This particular plant has been known to act as an anaphrodisiac as well.

You can buy it here:

Other herbs that may act as “anaphrodisiacs”:

Here are some more herbs that are classified as anaphrodisiacs (though I haven’t tried them):


Can Purchase from here:

Buy from here:

Buy Marjoram Extract here:

Buy White Willow Extract here:

Frequently Asked Questions:

There are many questions about reducing your libido. Although I'm not an expert, I've attempted to answer a few from my personal experience and research.

Why do antidepressants reduce libido?

What reduces libido?

How to reduce libido male?

How to reduce libido female?

How to reduce libido naturally?

What medications reduce libido?

What foods reduce libido?


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2.Something to do with Demeter: Ritual and Performance in Aristophanes' Women at the Thesmophoria


4.Book on Anaphrodisiacs




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